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"All Together" 39th Anniversary of the World Hapkido Federation

On May 4th - 7th, 2012, nine sanctioned countries of the World Hapkido Federation united to mark the 39th Anniversary of the WHF, and to formally declare the World Hapkido Federation in its new era:


The signees of the document represent nine countries of the WHF who span more than 150 years of membership.  Since 1973, Grandmaster Myung pioneered the global expansion of Hapkido, and brought the original art form to all corners of the earth.  Today, the WHF stands the test of time in collaboration and unity for future generations.



Master Roe Jai Myung - Director General - WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION

Master Vagelis Thanos - President - GREEK HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION

Master Timothy Shin - Technical Director - WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION

Master Demid Momot - President - RUSSIA HAPKIDO UNION

Master Wilfredo Sellas - President - FEDERACION de HAPKIDO PUERTO RICO

Master Jose Manuel Reyes Perez - President - FEDERACION ESPANOLA de HAPKIDO

Master Pablo Peralta - Director - HAPKIDO CHILE SCHOOL

Master Emilio Iglesias - President - DUTCH HAPKIDO FEDERATION

Master Jason D. Mix - Director - ENSO CENTER for INTERNATIONAL ARTS

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